Presence Management

Boost your stores local visibility

They trust us

The platform with a ROI bias

By selecting the 6 most used platforms with the highest domain authority, we represent 99% of the local SEO usage and impact. Focusing on these 6 channels means optimizing your distribution while saving your budget.


A multitude of platforms, but with very little SEO impact…


99% of local SEO usage and impact covered

30% of budget saved

Discover our study on the SEO impact of secondary platforms

What is the real impact of secondary platforms? Compare the impact of low SEO impact channels vs. the 6 platforms selected by evermaps.

The 4 benefits of a good Presence Management strategy

Save time

Control your data within a single Console, configurable and scalable according to our customers’ needs.

Homogenized data

As a key dimension of a good Presence Management strategy, we guarantee a homogeneous and exhaustive distribution of your data on the 6 platforms.

Control your image

Display verified information so that you never mislead your potential customers again.

Boost your SEO

Thanks to a homogeneous distribution on the 6 channels with the highest impact, we boost your visibility and your local SEO.

Premium service with API and dedicated support

Stores repositioning

Retrieval GBP listings

Google Posts publication

Blocking user suggestions

Cleaning up duplicates

An interfacing to suit your needs

Data integration by API

Via our Administration Console

Via a file import

Managing your stores in the evermaps console

Complete your Web to Store strategy

Store Locator

Thanks to its advanced search engine, its optimal SEO network and its enhanced local pages, our Store Locator boosts your Google ranking and offers an unequaled user experience.

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Local reviews

evermaps helps you improve your customer satisfaction but also your stores ranking. You can better understand reviews submitted in your network and answer them more easily.

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