Bank, insurance and health mutuals

Highlight your organization's unique features

With denser networks and specific organizations (by regions…), your sector needs solutions that can take these particularities into account.

On the customer side, you can allow them to find information about your branches in one click, but also to make appointments or to find specific opening hours (open on Saturdays for example).

You can also take advantage of customized internal access management, allowing access to multiple POIs or promoting offers by region.

Our selection of good habits and high value-added features for banks, insurance companies and mutual health insurance companies.

Store Select

Allow your users to select their favorite store as soon as they arrive on your website, and give them a personalized experience by displaying offers and products specific to the store nearest them.

Specific filters on your Store Locator

Set up specific filters on your Store Locator and offer your users a more in-depth search: open on Saturdays, ATM only, pro or individual agencies...

Partner Locator

In addition to an SEO oriented Store Locator to develop your agencies, offer your customers an advanced Partner Locator to redirect them to your authorized partners. Whether you want to redirect to healthcare partners or authorized garages, evermaps solutions can be used on your website, your mobile application or on your intranet for your call centers. Some functionalities such as sorting of answers or dedicated filters allow you to save a lot of time.

Advanced access management

Take advantage of an adaptable and robust architecture, allowing you to create accesses (admin, regional, local) and to take into account the particularities of your organization such as, for example, a representative managing several agencies, or a specific role that can work on a single type of data. Agency data and local campaigns are managed in an optimal way and without any risk.

Diverse lead generation devices

In addition to the call to the representative and directions to the branch, consider expanding the ability to make an appointment on your Store Locator and GMB listings. Simulations, such as for a lawn, can also enhance your Store Locator pages to help you acquire new customers.

Offers and services by region

Do your POIs have specific needs and offers that vary by region? You can manage your campaign on a regional level and customize your offers. These are made to be promoted on your Store Locator but also via Google Posts.

Local reviews management

With our Console, you can benefit from a centralized management of your Google My Business listings, with an infinite number of response templates and an engine allowing you to identify the main reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Performance measurement

Access a complete analysis, thanks to an aggregated view, with a display of your store's average statistics and the ability to compare performance between groups of stores (in malls vs. in the city, in the south vs. in the north, according to services...).

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