Specialized Distribution

Take advantage of all the opportunities of local filing solutions

Beyond making it easier for customers to visit your stores, it’s important to make sure they visit the right store.

From respecting catchment areas in Store Locator to sending leads to the right store, our technologies also facilitate your internal organization.

What about the customer? Today, the customer journey is omnichannel.

Take advantage of key platforms such as Google My Business and Store Locator to promote your stock clearance offers, your click & collect service and enable in-store appointments.

Our selection of good habits and high value-added features for specialized distribution

Store Select

Allow your users to select their favorite store as soon as they arrive on your website, and give them a personalized experience by displaying offers and products specific to the store nearest them.

Catchment areas
(Iris codes...) 

Our solutions take into account the division of catchment areas in order to promote the right store. By taking into account Iris codes, you will save time by automatically sending prospects to the right store.

User visits and reliable information

Everything must be done to facilitate the user's journey: route calculation, pedestrians and transport, direct display of journey time, reduced mobility, nearby parking...
To generate more traffic, think also about appointment booking, special opening hours and reassurance about the sanitary standards of the stores.

Local campaigns

Thanks to our Console, you can directly manage all the local campaigns of your Store Locator pages (destocking, store animation...).
Multiply your contact points by promoting your offers and news on Google My Business, thanks to Google Posts and the Product Catalog. You will increase your local referencing and capitalize on the omnichannel path of your customers!

Local reviews management

Thanks to our Console, you can benefit from a centralized management of your Google My Business listings, with an infinite number of response templates and an engine allowing you to identify the main reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Performance measurement

Get access to a complete analytics, thanks to an aggregated view, with a display of your store's average statistics and possibilities to compare performances between groups of stores (in malls vs. in the city, in the south vs. in the north, according to services...).

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