Real Estate

Promote your agencies and programs

Beyond a simple Store Locator, your real estate representatives need to have user-friendly tools in order to promote the goods and programs to their targets (nearby schools, transports…).

Take also advantage of functionalities specific to real estate sector with filter systems and advanced categories, or calculation of public transport itinerary.

Our selection of good habits and features with strong value for real estate

Agencies visibility and sale bubbles

Allow users to easily find your agencies thanks to advanced filters, an effective SEO on your Store Locator and an optimal reach on key platforms. Configure specific categories through our Console, like the type of activities (purchasing, sales, condominiums management...) and benefit from an advanced booking appointments to boost your leads.

Valorization of goods and programs

Nearest points of interest like schools and stores, public transports itinerary, corridoring or isochron, square metre price... there are many functionalities to help your target in his research.

Local campaigns

On your Store Locator local pages or Google My Business listings, think about promoting your news or even a selection of properties.

Mandates research

Your local pages can also promote your latest sales, managed in your Console, in order to promote new properties !

Local reviews management

Thanks to our Console, you can benefit from a centralized management for your Google My Business listings, with an infinity of answers templates and an engine allowing you to identify the main satisfaction and dissatisfaction reasons.

Performance measurement

Benefit from an access to a complete analytics, thanks to an aggregated view, with a display of your store's average statistics and the possibilities of performance comparison between groups of stores (in malls vs in town, south vs north, according to services...).

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